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IP Reverse Lookup

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Sobre IP Reverse Lookup

Small Tool Seo IP Reverse Lookup take a domain name pointing to a web-server. And after that search other websites hosted on that same webserver. This data is provided from search engine results. Which are not definite to be complete. We provide fascinating visual “IP reverse lookup tool”. Getting info of other web sites hosted on a web server is essential from both a web filtering and SEO perspective, mainly for those on shared web hosting campaigns.

How to take Advantage of Reverse IP Location Lookup?

To take advantage of reverse ip location lookup just go to above box. Now enter or paste the domain name. Remember, you don’t need to enter the IP address, the IP Reverse Lookup tool will find the IP address of the domain that you have pass in. It will extract all results within seconds.

Usage of IP Reverse Lookup

To discover domain names hosted on the same IP address use Reverse ip lookup location checker tool. This is common so most people use shared hosting which is very inexpensive. Which means (low-priced because every dedicated ip address starts around $3-4 per month charge) because all sites share the same dedicated server with single IP address. Just paste a domain name to acquire a list of domain names that share the same IP address.

IP reverse lookup tool will return a list of “gTLD” and “ccTLD” domain names added to the subject IP address after our initial record update for that IP address. Results may not redirect all domain names added to the subject IP address.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Reverse IP?

Nearly all famous search engines (such as; Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Baidu etc.) growth a website’s rank based on the number of backlinks pointing towards the site. In an effort to incorrectly blow up a site's reputation, a specific may produce hundreds or even thousands of dummy sites having little to no content except for links pointing concerning a particular domain.

One way that search engines practice to identify this type of malefactor behavior is to see if these inter-linking web sites are hosted on the same IP address or IP range. If the web sites are in the similar IP address range, it is very probable that they are operated by the same singular. Search engines devaluate links from web pages pointing to other sites hosted on the same address IP range.

On the other hand, search bot’s give importance to links from websites hosted on different IP addresses. A nominal SEO would go more than hosting interlinking website’s on dissimilar IP addresses. They would host the websites on totally changed class C network addresses.

How to Select Host Company?

The host company should make assure that all of their domains are recorded on different registrars with changed names. Same pattern on more than one web site should've not used. The host provider erase all traces that their websites are working by the same singular. They would go through all of this trouble with one objective in thoughts, to game the search engines in order to fetch in further organic traffic.

The Websites having a dedicated distinctive IP address will have tiny to no influence on search engine positions. The head of Google's Web spam team “Matt Cutts”, stated "If you are an average webmaster and just operating a few websites, I wouldn't worry about them being on the similar IP address and I absolutely wouldn't concern about them being on the same server. That is somewhat that everyone does."

Instructions & Explanations

To elude any of the potential difficulties connected with IP address sharing. It is best to get a matchless IP address for your site. Contact your web hosting & tell them you would like your own distinctive IP. Demand for a unique ip address not a recycled one. Web hosts will mostly use again IP address’s that spammer(s) have earlier banned. Purchasing a distinctive IP address for your site can cost somewhere from 20$ - 110$ for a final setup fee. And 4$ - 25$ per month after that.