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Video Downloader for Facebook, Linkedin, Dailymotion, and 31+ more Websites ! Facebook-Online Video Downloader

About Keyword Position Tool

Our keyword position checker tools will let you know how well your websites rank for the targeted keywords. Probably every Seo professional required to keep track of competitor’s rankings.

You can use our keyword position checker free to check this automatically. Otherwise you have to find these manually by typing queries into popular search engines. But it’ll be time consuming and can be way-out. Happily, there are many awesome tools by “Small Tool Seo” which’ll do this robotically.

We have included keyword position tracker functionality. This will tracks your targeted keywords on Google and Bing - Yahoo simultaneously.

Is Your Search Engine optimization Data Focused?

If you want compete effectively for top sites position in the “SERP’s” (search engine results pages), then you must control your focused data way, and not believe your optimization blindly.

To identify the webpages positions in SERP’s is most vital data for the keyword’s you are focusing.

And for this purpose, you'll required a keyword position tracker.

Why you have to choose our keyword position checker tools?

  • Keyword position tool is used to detect the position of a webpages or URL’s in the “SE“ (search engine) for a targeted keywords as per competing to other sites for the same keyword.
  • Such as, if you start a website about “Seo Tools”, then you may want to identify what position that webpage now holds in Google, Yahoo or Bing search engine for the keyword “best seo tools”.
  • “Small Tool Seo keyword position checker” will display you the complete results. It is tremendously reliable and operative seo tool.
  • It may take some time while searching, but with slight effort you’ll achieve something right. You have to just start working on it in a right away.

How you can check keyword position in google, yahoo and Bing search engines?

To use this tool you have to neither SEO expert nor you required technical experience.

Follows below easy step:

  1. Click Here to go on required webpage.
  2. Enter your website URL or for your competitor whose keyword ranking you want to finds in google, yahoo and Bing.
  3. Pass in the focused keywords for which positions you want to check. Our online site rank checker lets you enter up to 50 key-words in one time check. But you have to confirm that you enter only one focused key-word per line.
  4. Finally when you provide all details, click on “Find Keyword Position” and let it works. Within few seconds your results will be displayed.
  5. Now if you want to explore another website, then favorably repeat above steps.