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Video Downloader for Facebook, Linkedin, Dailymotion, and 31+ more Websites ! Facebook-Online Video Downloader

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Online website link checker is an effectual tool which helps you to analyze your overall links profile.  You can find your competitors internal, external, nofollow or dofollow links. In this way you can compare yourself with others. Many major common search engines anticipate links as the signs of credibility or votes for a specific website. Links with unique content also sends a great flow of high-value traffic which you need. Therefore, a free Small Seo Tools like “Online website link checker holds great significance.

How to Use online website link checker at Small Tool Seo

To use this simply enter the URL of the any web page that you want to explore. Review and select whether you want to go through the external links, internal links, do follow and no follow etc.

The Link Analyzer tool will generate the results rapidly. It will show a report that includes all incoming and outgoing links as well as the associated presenter texts.

Significance of our Safe Link checker

Whether you are analyzing an ordered links audit or responding to the latest Penguin update, our tool makes it possible for you to analysis and review all your links in the most suitable way. You can use our Website Link Checker to explore both the Internal as well as External Links that the search engine crawls can effortlessly identify on a particular webpage of your website. All the internal, external, No Follow and Do Follow links will be displayed quickly.

What is the Difference between Internal and external links?

In the same domain when you connect one page to another using links (URL’s) is called “Inner link”. E.g., you might have links in your menu to an about us page, Contact us page, posts etc. All of these links refer to the same domain or website, and is consequently reflected an inner link.

When you connect two more different websites or domains using links is stated as “External link”. For example, if you embedded a YouTube video to your blog or website, then this video link will be external link on your site.

How Can the Link Analyzer’s Tools Help in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

The link checker tool helps you in determining the relation between inner links and outer links for any site. Usually, too many external links helps in boosting a website as these are the votes in your favor. So, google or any search engine helps those sites in boosting who have more external link building.