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The Online web page size checker tool by Small Tool Seo will show you about the regular web page size of your website URL. You need to have enter the URL you wish to find the size of, and the Web Page Size Checker will calculate page size of that specific URL in an instant way.

If you were to find web page size of your domain manually, there is barely any way in which you can calculate the page sizes of your websites. Therefore, using this Page Size Checker is essential.

Small Tools Seo knows how significant time, money, and struggles are for online works. Our Goal is to save all of these for you. If you use our Site Page Sizes Finder Tool, you will notice how professionally it workings.


How to Use this Online Web Page Size Checker?

This tool can be simply and easily uses as our other tools. You just paste the URL, you want to check website page size of, our tool extract results instantly like juices from mangos.

Moreover, availing the assistances of our web page size calculator is fully free. Yes, for checking the webpage sizes of a particular URL, you don't have to spend a penny.


What Can Be a Normal Website Size?

Every site's performance mostly rest on how speedily it loads. If your website loads quicker, your bounce rate will decrease. The Site Web Page Checker Tool by Small Tool Seo is a free tool that does size check on a website(s) page size. It let you know about the page size of your site in KB’s.

Before using an Online Web Page Size Checker Tool, you need to see what the standard site size should be. If your average website page size is below 3 MB(s), then your site will load quicker. But if your site page size goes above 3 MB’s, then the bounce rate may increase significantly, and this can disturb your traffic growth.

To growth the page load speed of your website, you need to first complete a web size test using our Online Web Page Size Checker Tool and see the size of your domain url. If the result states that your site size is more than 3 Mega Bytes, then you need to start modification on your sites layout size, your mobile site size according to the normal web page size, and screen size dimensions.


Benefits of Online Website Page Size Checker Tool

The Page Size Finder Tool by Small Seo Tools is one of superlative Website Page Size Checkers available in the market now a day. It is not just because our tool is free to use, and neither it is because of how rapidly it generates the results; the main reason for our best Web Page Size Checker Tool to be the one of the most satisfactory Page Size checker is its appropriate usage.

The Page Size checker will run the check up and products the report within eyflashes. While you are examining the site Page Size Test report, you need to recognize that the normal web size is 3 Mega Bytes (MB). If your web page size is greater than 3 MB after performing the page size test, then it is reasonable to risk that your website will load slower. And slow loading which will definitely results in increasing bounce rate.

That’s why, you need to start modification on your default web page size, optimize superlative for the screen sizes, website layout, and your whole site including the pictures. You must to target for decreasing the web page size below 3 MB. The lower your site magnitude is from 3 Mega Bytes, the earlier your site will load, leading at a steady decrease in the bounce rate.

And with the reduced quantity of bounce rate, it is reasonable that the traffic driven to your website will increase. You need to analysis the report sensibly, the report shows the page size in bytes and kilobytes (KB). 1 MB (Mega Byte) is equal to 1024 KB (Kilo Byte).


Reason for Choosing Small Seo Tool as Your Online Web Page Size Checker.

There are several aims why you should use an Online Web Page Size Checker by Small Seo Tool’s, Some of them are follows:

It Saves Your Time and Struggles

When you’re starting the use of our Online Page Size Checker Tool, you will save yourself from manipulative page size of each domain URL manually. By putting the URL in our robotic tool and accompanying a Page Size Test, you will be clever to generate results promptly. This will save both your time and your struggles which can be utilized somewhere else effectively.

Money Saver

Our Tool is 100% free to perform test on checking Page Size. There's no essential to pay even a single penny for finding the page size. We deliver you with free tools just like the Online Web Page Size Checker Tool such as, Domain Authority Checker, XML Sitemap Generator and many other free tools for Domains, Keywords, Website Managements, Contents etc.

Bounce Rate Reduction

When you analyze the Page Size Test results and start modification to decrease your page size, your site will begin loading faster which will automatically decrease bounce rate.

Traffic Growth

Traffic start going increase as your bounce rate decreases.

Healthier for SEO

Mr. Google has officially detailed that page speed is one of the 200 ranking factors on the bases of which it defines which page to rank in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). Thus, our free bsite Page Size Checker Tool help you in refining your Search Engine Optimization.

If you optimize your web-page-size and reduce it to become as nimble as imaginable, your website will start loading more rapidly. Therefore, growing your page speed. Hence, your website will be ranking higher than other sites whose page sizes are heavy.