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About URL Rewriting Tool

Small Tool Seo URL Rewriting .htaccess tool helps you to rewrite dynamic URL’s. This dynamic URL rewriting tool uses Apache's mod rewrite module in order to convert extended difficult dynamic URLs into search engine(s) friendly static html URL’s.

This url rewriting .htaccess tool, generator or mod rewrite converter is mainly used for two reasons:

  • First one is to Rewrite URL(s) to a human legible or user friendly version(s).
  • Secondly, 301 redirect URL’s or domain name to alternative url or domain.

How to use this online tool for converting?   

To turn your large dynamic URL’s into a smaller one with this domain URL Rewriting tool for .htaccess, only you have to paste the URL in the above box. After that click on the “Submit” button. Our robotic system will automatically process on it and change your dynamic url to shorter & static URL.

What is Mod Rewriting?

Mod Rewrite is a method of operating URL(s) in a more influential way you can imagine. Rewrite Mod rules are written in .htaccess file’s. Writing such rules are a very wearisome task for beginners. E.g., you do not aware of how to code, but you want to redirect your domain name to another domain, then how will you write that rule?

So that’s is reason, Small Tool Seo bring a url rewriting .htaccess tool, that will work automatically online to create a code for you free of cost.

The Window’s server(s) use IIS URL Rewrite module, and the Linux server’s use the mod rewrite module to enable URL’s rewriting.

Why Is It necessary to Have Users or Seo friendly URLs?

This could be necessary because of the following two reasons;

One of them is related to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It has been seen that search engines are much at ease with URL’s that don't include long query threads. Url rewriting .htaccess generator(s) are make use of to change dynamic URLs into search engines friendly links. These friendly static URL(s) frequently growth(rank) better in search engine’s bots and can bring more traffic as they always look responsive to end user’s.

The URL such as can be indexed at ease, whereas its dynamic form,, can complicate search engines and lead them concerning miss feasibly significant info included in URL, and therefore preventing you from getting growth in ranking.

So with friendly URL’s, search engine bots can separate folder names & can generate genuine relations towards keywords. The enquiry string limits appeared to be a difficulty in a search engine effort in order to carry out indexing. Many SEO specialists claim that, Static URLs have a greater level of coverage in their appreciations whereas dynamic URL’s aren’t striking to web crawlers.

Working Method of “URL Rewriting .htaccess Tool".

The static URL(s) are known to be improved than that of dynamic URL’s due to below causes:

  • The static domain URLs frequently take growth better in the webs.
  • Search Engines are known to indexing content of dynamic pages very slow with respect to static pages.
  • Static domains URL are more easy in searching for ultimate users.

Why I should Rewrite the URLs?

As these static URLs are much better than dynamic ones. These are very easy in remembering for the end users. Furthermore, this can help to enhance ranking in search engine.

Tell me More Benefits About Rewriting URLs

  • Any Static URL is easy to keep remember for visitors.
  • Easy to bookmark.