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Über Keyword Density Analyser

When you paste or type an URL into above text input field, keyword density analyser tool will search the total number of keywords present at the body of the site page. After searching all the words it will robotically calculate the frequency or occurrence.


What is keyword density analyser?

Keyword density Checker is the percentage calculator which is based on counting of times a keyword repeats inside the content of webpage resulted in by, dividing it by total words count. Keyword density or frequency is still a strong indicator to define the main focus keywords and keyword phrases for a particular webpage.


When to you should use this tool?

This online free keyword density analyser is a very supportive tool when you are:

Performing a research on competitor website keyword enquiry. You need a rapidly extraction of most used keywords and phrases by simply entering the URL’s from top performing competitors.

Checking if your webpage is over-optimized and so susceptible to specific parts of the Google procedure like the former Panda update, intended to keep low quality materials outside of the search engine index.


How much keyword density is important for SEO?

Now a day’s search engine’s keywords density is just a very small element when it comes to ranking web pages for a focused keyword. It is however significant, that you should focus on keyword(s) inside all the web-page elements such as: On your Title tags, Meta descriptions, H1 Headings, body, alt tags and internal-external links to make sure search engine bots easily understand your unique content. Moreover, to the on page features, off page factors, for example: back-links and anchor texts still play a major role for search engine(s) when indexing and ranking your site pages.


What’ll be the good keyword density?

The ideal keyword density is like the best content length. Mostly, it all depends on the topic you choose for writing. Some topics are good for long content forms and a-lot of similar keywords and alternative words. While, on the other hand you have the subjects that are best served with a dense piece of unique content and a higher recurrence of the same keywords.


How to check keyword density online?

Paste the URL or type manually of the webpage for which you want analysis.

Click on “Submit” to run your request of analyzing.

As you completed this, Small Tool Seo keyword density checker will instantly extract all the keyword(S) data from your web page and display it table.