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Video Downloader for Facebook, Linkedin, Dailymotion, and 31+ more Websites ! Facebook-Online Video Downloader

عن الموقع XML Sitemap Generator

The sitemap xml often stated as Google Sitemap which is a list of URLs file. This sitemap file lets you to include extra info about each of your URL. For example, the last updated date, how often it gets modifications, and how essential this is. The tool sitemap xml generator helps you in creating this url's file in seconds.

XML format confirms that this info may be easily processed on devices like computers, mobiles or laptops. It also delivers that info about applications and systems to search engines, so that it won't have any problems to know your sitemap files. XML sitemaps are fully compatible in this way with Google, Bing, Yahoo and other popular search engines.

Why to use Small Tool Seo .XML  Creator or Generator?

  • Our Xml or Google Sitemap generator is free to use.
  • No registration or signup required.
  • Suitable in creating a quick sitemap for websites.
  • Generate up to 500 webpages.
  • You can download generated xml google sitemap.

How to create an xml sitemap online and free?

Our free tool for XML Sitemap Generator by Small Tool Seo will help you generating sitemaps. Kindly check following points in this regard:

  • Enter your site URL in the Sitemap .XML Generator section.
  • Fill up the optional custom details according to your preferences. The detail consists of the number of webpages which you want to crawl, frequency change, the default priority and the dates etc.
  • After filling up the necessary details click on the button “Generate Sitemap”.
  • The Sitemap maker tool will crawl your website and will give results in seconds.
  • Now, if you want to save the results then click on “Save As XML File” to download the sitemap file as .xml format.

Want to create or generate more, please repeat the above process.

What is XML Sitemap or Google Sitemap?

If you own a website and want to maintain, wouldn't it be prodigious if you get huge traffic who find fulfillment in getting exactly the info they need from your webpage?

The google search engine launched Sitemap 0.84 Protocol, in 2005, which was designed to use the “XML format”.

A Google sitemap is a way of arranging or organizing a website, identifying the URLs links and the data on each page. Earlier, the sitemaps were predominantly launched for the users of the webpages. Yet, Google XML Sitemap format was intended for the search bots, which help them in allowing to search more efficiently and faster data file’s.

Why Google Sitemap or XML Sitemap Protocol is launched?

Google's launched new protocol in response to the accumulative size and difficulty in search of webpages. Some of the more major’s reasons for the launching of new protocol are given by:

  • Hundreds of products often contained in business websites catalogs.
  • The popularity of blogging directed to webmasters updating their data as a minimum once a day.
  • Popular Social and community building tools like forums and messaging platforms.

We are aware that, as websites got bigger and bigger in size, it becomes difficult for search engines to keep track of all his data. Which cause "skipping" of information sometime as bots crawled through these rapidly changing of webpages.

Difference Between Search Engine Optimization and Sitemap.

XML sitemaps were not, a tool for SEO, as some people thought about it. This is not affect search engine ranking, it only does allow search bots to make more acute rankings and search results. It gives data that a search engine required.

Now there is no need for website developers to create different types of sitemaps for the various search engines bots after the launching of shared recognition of the XML protocol. As they can build now one file for submitting, and then update it regularly after making changes on the webpages. This shortens the entire process of fine-tuning and increasing a website size.

Due to this, the XML Sitemap format will shortly become a standard feature of all webpage creation and development. From now webmasters themselves have begun to see the benfits that this file delivers. Search bots will rank a page according to the applicability of its contents. It was a lot frustrating for webmasters to comprehend that their struggles to build a website were left hidden.

Recently, has now started to follow-up xml sitemaps and in an update to the sitemaps protocol. It is now easy to tell all search bots the path of your xml sitemap by placing a robots.txt file.